Title: Ubumnandi

Genre: Afro Pop

Label: 999 Music

Born in Guguletu, Cape Town, Lungelo Lubelwana has definitely lived the proverbial rags to

riches story! The Grade 8 Music Theory Graduate & Graphic Designer student went on to the Top 20 of Coca Cola Pop­Stars in 2002 and quickly changed the direction of his artistic pursuit towards Music. By 2003, Lungelo had not only become the youngest assistant music director on the show, but he had also promptly joined the PROMPT Music academy where he studied Music Composition, engineering & production. By 2006, Lungelo had released his 1st Album entitled “Collision” and was the “People’s Choice Artist” for 2006 an accolade which Resulted in him performing alongside Kanye West, Pharrel Williams and Snoop Dogg.

After being named “The 10th Sexiest Man Alive” by COSMOPOLITAN Mag, this young star knew

that the sky was the limit and headed off to Jozi to make bigger things happen! On arriving In Jozi, Lungelo quickly finished his 2nd album, entitled “One Way Ticket”! Lungelo was immediately signed to TS Records and his career was sky rocketed in a way which has given him instant stardom.

Lungelo’s nationwide tour resulted in him being seen and heard in every corner of SA from Venda to Mdantsane . The hit Single “Ngu’we Lo” ft. Nhlanhla went to The No 1 spot. The hit Single “Ndiya Vuya became the ATL advert Theme song for Motorola. The Album did well, his Production Career took off with the Classic Collaboration with Proverb on the Mega Hit “The Beginning”. This song was the closing anthem for Idols and was heard on Big Brother Africa Another collaboration was “They Know” with Lection, charts were topped and many shows were ‘Rocked’.  He is back at 999 Music with a single titled “Ubumnandi”.