Our Profile

Arthur has expanded his music empire into business, eventing and politics and is a well-respected icon, business man and South African success story.

In 1997, 999 Music ventured into the world of marketing and promotions, we arranged and ran various campaigns such as the Beacon Smoothies, Clere body lotion, Tastic Rice, Strepsils, Smirnoff, Mellowood, Nationwide Human Rights campaign, Annual Youth day’s, Woman’s day’s, Mandela birthday’s, Arrive Alive campaigns, Freedom Day celebrations, Worker’s day commemorations,  a nationwide AIDS Awareness campaign organized by Love Life and more recently we have provincial events and election campaigns and Nampak Bevcan’s CAN DO!

This success can be attributed to the company’s very strong culture and ethos being;

Culture / Ethos

• We value our clients and are passionate about their brands and services.

• We are relentless in our quest to stay abreast of consumer and market trends in order to deliver above the norm.

• We don’t except mediocrity and are willing to risk and go all out to achieve against the odds.

• We know our limitations and forge partnerships and thrive on building relationships that are mutually beneficial.

• We live, eat and sleep our business, value the team spirit, but equally love to celebrate our successes.

• We respect knowledge, integrity and skill and aspire to earn respect by displaying our commitment to these values.